B 250 3/22/2017

Today was something new and different from what we’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks. We’ve moved into SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. I guess to put it in short search engines like google and bing send out what our professor calls spiders to collect information from each webpage. That information is then […]

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B250 3/10/2017

Todays class was over quality score and relevance which, I’ll be frank I was ticked when I couldnt raise that score while formulating the ad for my website. I would add words, take away words, add more relevant ones, put in key phrases, add the business name in the ad… try as I might there […]

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B250 3/3/2017

I had the opportunity today to note how I might improve the ad that I made in google adwords. We focused mainly on making it short, precise and to the point using keywords that reflect the product that we are selling. There was a fellow student who was trying to sell oil vials but instead […]

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B 250 2/24/2017

So I went ahead and set up a google AdWords campaign today with some level of confusion at first, I ended up accidentally creating an ad in a different thing which was trying to charge me and it was a mess, finally got it figured out though. I got in and started playing around with […]

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B250 2/16/2017

This week was what I would consider maybe one of the most important topics of the semester, that is the Legal Structure, forms, fees and applications. This week was loaded down with very difficult but note worthy and real life stuff. After figuring out that I wanted to be a sole proprietorship I filled out […]

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B250 2/10/2017

So we learned something interesting this past week about Credit Card Payments and how to set up PayPal buttons on out websites. Mine was fairly simple since I am using WordPress, I just looked up the WooCommerce PayPal plugin by braintree and plugged in my credit card information so that all sales can be directly […]

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