Tasteful Typography Project January 25,2017


Here is the project in word that I designed it in:


Process: I wanted to base my project around our armed forces due to my great respect for them and what they do, then I wanted to add Christian based text that would help remind others to consider them as they go out and defend our rights. I got the impression to go with World War II photos so I began going through them until I found this one which perfectly depicted a soldier pressing “onward” as the description tells. I then saved the image and opened it up in Microsoft Word. From there I added a series of text boxes and added a design element to create the text depicted to the side of the soldier. I made sure to contrast the title from the text by changing the font and the word “Christian” from the rest of the title by changing the color and size. After I tweaked it to where I wanted it I saved it as a pdf and changed it into a jpeg through and online converter. Hope you guys enjoy the depiction displayed above.

Critique Report: I critiqued Laura Kidd and Emily Gardner’s projects. I also talked with Molly Richardson and Shannon Miller for my critiques. From that I was advised that I was at 45 words and needed to be at a minimum of 50, I was told by both of them that I should adjust the title image which can be seen in the word “Christian” in the title heading, and I was also told by Brother Shurtliff to adjust the image to give the text some level of contrast to the rest of the photo. I went ahead and resized the image and moved the text so it would display more contrast. I was able to apply most of the critique information, but felt unsatisfied after having made other changes so I left the rest the same.

Links to images: http://www.keiththomsonbooks.com/blog/war-photos

Font Name/ Category: Title: Georgia (Modern) / Modern No. 20 (Modern), Body Copy: Ludicia Bright(Oldstyle)/ Agency FB (Sans Serif).

Be sure to go check out more of Keiths work at: http://www.keiththomsonbooks.com/blog/war-photos


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