Business 250 2/3/2017

Wow so much has taken place in just this past week… it all started when our professor started a spread sheet that would allow us to itemize the best start up product with the highest click rates for the lowest start up cost. Being that I want to do outdoor supply/ distribution I put in 20 different products ranging from backpacks to boots to coats, action cameras such as the gopro, etc. The crazy thing that I found was that balaclavas (also known as face masks) had a HIGHER click rate than gopros! making it the most popular product on the list for the least amount of start up cost and easiest to start out with. Immediately I began pricing inventory on wholesale websites but found two things:

  1. The delay time in shipping would put me behind the rest of the class (it was something like two weeks earliest)
  2. They were being shipped straight from China so there was no way to be sure of their quality until they reached me.

The Solution: Salt Water Fishing Company.

Great quality product, American made and three to four day shipping as compared to two or three weeks.


Whats more, they look AWESOME and turn out to be cheaper than the wholesale! Normally they are priced 19.99 a piece but I found them on a special deal for around 3 dollars a piece. Immediately I put in a couple orders and am waiting on them now. I really do have high aspirations for this product.

While I’ve been waiting I’ve been developing a game plan. Start out with the website, a facebook page and a new instagram account. What I plan to do is open up a Youtube channel that reviews all the products I plan to share, ensuring that the customer receives excellent quality. From there I will post photos with the link to the video in my facebook and instagram pages and within the description of the youtube video a link to my website, directly channeling people to it. There are also local ‘sales and garage sale’ pages on facebook where I could market my products for free until my website becomes more well known amongst the community.

I am currently trying to set myself up for videography so I can make quality reviews and get people to take interest in the products that I am selling.


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