Slide Design Project


Speakers Outline

Remember Lots Wife- Elder Holland Jan. 13, 2009

Remember Lots Wife

  • Turned into a pillar of Salt
  • Was disobedient to the commandments of the Lord
  • Longed to go Back


  • Life is full of Transition and Change 
  • Thou must Not Look Behind Thee 
  • There is a Big Difference between Looking Back and Looking Ahead


  • Be Sure to Look Ahead 
  • Focus on the Future and What it has in Store
  • Look Towards a Bright New Tomorrow


I immediately jumped to this talk because it was my favorite one that has really helped me a lot in my life. After pulling some of the main points from the talk I began to select photos that I felt would best fit the description, making sure they all had the same theme. My audience is for those who continue to beat themselves up over their past in hopes to remind them that there is light in the future, and that we mustn’t dwell in things past, that is what I was trying to express in my design. I used a flat design, with a solid color background and a simple text bar at the bottom of each photo offset about a half inch to the side to give it some level of contrast. I made a rough sketch of what I wanted to do and then did it in Powerpoint.


I critiqued Elsa Sanft Mills and Josef Carstens projects. Elsa just needed to move the color filled text bar down a to the bottom of the picture so that it did not obstruct the peoples faces and Josef did use a repetitive backdrop but neglected to use it on the second slide with the Book of Mormon on it. While I didn’t receive any comments from anyone on my post, I did obviously make revisions and edits to the original plan by moving the titles of the slide to the bottom of each photo and by altering the first slide to give the reader a sense of what the climax of the lesson was going to be, that is “To Look to the Future.”

Link to Talk:

Fonts: Berlin Sans FB Demi (Bold)

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