Social Media Marketing Project First Draft

Company: Burns Outdoor Supply Co.

Objective: Create awareness of various resale products and encourage others to get outdoors by using the hashtag #livefree

Strategy:  Create cover and banner images along with 3 posts to encourage viewers to get outdoors and use our resale products, and tag themselves doing so with hashtag #livefree



Process and Reasoning: So obviously I used pictures of people in the outdoors and focused mostly on people hiking, hammocking, etc. due to the fact that that in particular is the product that I am trying to sell. The audience is fairly specific to those who love the outdoors and want to be out in the element, but at the same time swipes across a broad spectrum of people such as hikers, hunters, fishermen, campers, explorers, nature photographers, etc. With the title page I went ahead and added an arrow under the #livefree to give it some consistency with the original logo. I created these photos going back and forth between photoshop and word, saving parts and sending them to one another until I got it where I wanted it!

Picture Sources: 


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