Social Media Marketing Project Final Draft

Company: Burns Outdoor Supply Co.

Objective: Create awareness of various resale products and encourage others to get outdoors by using the hashtag #livefree

Strategy:  Create cover and banner images along with 3 posts to encourage viewers to get outdoors and use our resale products, and tag themselves doing so with hashtag #livefree






Process and Reasoning: So obviously I used pictures of people in the outdoors and focused mostly on people hiking, hammocking, etc. due to the fact that that in particular is the product that I am trying to sell. The audience is fairly specific to those who love the outdoors and want to be out in the element, but at the same time swipes across a broad spectrum of people such as hikers, hunters, fishermen, campers, explorers, nature photographers, etc. With the title page I went ahead and added an arrow under the #livefree to give it some consistency with the original logo. I created these photos going back and forth between photoshop and word, saving parts and sending them to one another until I got it where I wanted it!

Critique: I critiqued Joshua Davis and Sandra Zulema Mancilla. I later met with Julie Nelson for critique on my project who suggested that I change up the profile picture I was using so it had more relation to the title photo. I went ahead and redid it moving it up some as my instructor also communicated to me. I followed the instructors instruction and went ahead and made the font of the text the same in all the images, maintaining variety and spontaneity while trying to not make the contrast so large at the same time. I also added in some vintage elements that I thought added to the presentation.

Picture Sources: 


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