LFC PhotographyActivity


Outdoor Light


Indoor Light






Rule of Thirds


Lead Room

The outdoor shot was difficult due to the extreme weather conditions and constant snowing. Impossible to get natural light when there is none to be had so I added a graduated filter to the background to give the sky a bluish hue.

Indoor light as you can see was originally meant to be a foreground photo but the lighting was good and I liked how the shadows played off of it so I went ahead and made it my indoor photo. I adjusted the saturation and color tone, limiting exposure and lengthening the shadows to give the grain of the wood more of a reddish color and the bottle a deep blue.

For the foreground photo again it was hard to find things to take photos of due to the extreme weather conditions so I took a hold of what was on hand which just so happened to be Fanta cans at the moment. I set the exposure to a lower setting so the background was clearly visible and  adjusted the color tone and base settings accordingly to bring the foreground forward more.

For the background, same deal. By this point I had lost all feeling in my hands so picture quality kind of sucked. I put a radial filter around the can and began playing around with adjusting the settings and color to give the picture more of a focus on what is in the background than in the foreground.

Rule of thirds is kind of hard to do when you are trying to take a selfie with a digital camera. This is the best I could manage with the length my arm could extend. A iPhone and selfie stick probably would have worked better but at that point I was so cold that I was just rearing to run back inside.

Lead room was taken inside the house because I couldnt handle the cold any longer, this was a quick adjusting of the lighting and lowering of the shadows to brighten the picture.

I dont exactly have a watermark of my own so I had no way of implementing one.

Was not a big fan of this project considering that most of us dont have digital cameras and have to jump through hoops to find one.


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