10A Movie Poster Project


Message/Audience: I was conveying this more towards those who love action thriller movies. The movie poster gives but a glimpse of the background story behind our character and everything he has to undergo. My audience would consist of people who love the slight mystery and action behind a lot of the newer movies that have been coming out as of late, and this really reflects on me as a writer and an insight into what I like to write about.

Critique Report: I critiqued Megan Christensen and Kelli Seely on their projects. I also met with Zeb Dye (wonder if that is his real name) and Elsa Sanft Mills and in my critique they suggested that I change up the layout of the bottom credits and the way they were positioned to make it look more movie poster like and also came the suggestion of moving the title up above the treeline. Brother Shurtliff later discussed the exact same things telling me it may be better to delete the trio of faces I had originally put to fill that white space. He also suggested that I try to clarify the image I used for the background. To start out I hopped on that background and changed the resolution, raising the saturation slightly to remove any pixelated spots and lowering the tone in the background. I also hightened the brightness to darken the shadows of the silhouettes of the trees and ended up leaving it at that. I went ahead and deleted the trio of faces and with some effort painted over the shadowy background I had thrown off of each face. I then moved the title up leaving it the same size and then turned my attention to the movie credits, laying them out in more of a movie poster tone and changing the color from black to red for issues of visibility due to the background being black and white. Red also matches the title.

Font: SF Movie Poster

Images: The one of me and the gun is a personal photo I took a long time ago. Here is the link to the background photo of the treeline:




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