Web Page Layout




Process: I started out by looking at a variety of gun course websites to try and get a feel for what the majority were like and drew out this plan above following the model of the one that most appealed to me, namely the Rain6 which in part is why I opted to use their logo in the header, not to mention I’m looking for an opportunity to work for them on their sales team. Black and grey tend to convey more of the tactical sense so I went with those, then shopped around for photos I could use in each category. Once it all came together, I was very happy with the outcome

Critique: I had the opportunity to meet with Elissa Turpin and Melanie Hoke Lewis on their posts. I also met with Josef and Laura about my post, both of whom told me pretty much the same thing, that the text on the pictures was hard to read. I adjusted for this by making small filler boxes at the bottom of each photo and lowering the opacity so it was partially see through and changed the text to black. Brother Shurtliff also suggested that I change the size of the home, shop, about and contact us to a smaller font so I took it from 16 down to 8 to make it look more like it would be on a computer screen than on my phone (his words), he also suggested that I change the size of the photos to randomize it which I did not feel comfortable doing so I left those the same and followed his advice by changing the original icons at the bottom from colored icons to black and white icons.

Color Scheme: Black and Grey

Font: Calibri

Links to Images:





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