B 250 2/24/2017

So I went ahead and set up a google AdWords campaign today with some level of confusion at first, I ended up accidentally creating an ad in a different thing which was trying to charge me and it was a mess, finally got it figured out though. I got in and started playing around with the keywords that I plugged in to see what words could work and which ones work better. Since I have switched products from balaclavas to hammocks and backpacks I just opted to do hammocks for right now and added a total of 14 keywords. I am beginning a process to see which ones are more efficient in bringing people to my website. So far I have had zero clicks (obviously since I just started it up) but will continue to update as I gain information about this.

While Google AdWords is a great tool to utilize, I have always been more experienced and have had greater success by word of mouth so, not sure how I feel about it.


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