B 250 3/22/2017

Today was something new and different from what we’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks. We’ve moved into SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. I guess to put it in short search engines like google and bing send out what our professor calls spiders to collect information from each webpage. That information is then stored into data charts and an algorithm is used to find what best fits the needs of the person using the search engine so that they can find the results they need. The key to raising the number of searches for your website is by meeting the criteria for that algorithm.  There are a number of key elements that will improve a persons capacity to gain access into this SEO algorithm, namely: Uniqueness, crawler/bot accessability, phenomenal UX (easy to understand), key word targeting, social networking, authorship/metadata, multi-device ready. All of these things can help one get put on the top of the list of searches


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