B250 3/10/2017

Todays class was over quality score and relevance which, I’ll be frank I was ticked when I couldnt raise that score while formulating the ad for my website. I would add words, take away words, add more relevant ones, put in key phrases, add the business name in the ad… try as I might there was almost always something wrong with it and as soon as I made a change to take care of one issue it would bring up another. It was rather nerve racking. I finally figured it out though, and got everything red into green except for one thing that stayed in yellow. Another question one has to ask him/herself is how relevant is my ad to what the customer is looking for? some of the time a person may be searching for a product, click on your ad and find that it has no relevance at all. This is where relevant keywords come into play. By doing so you will maximize your impressions and sales instead of just getting a load of clicks.


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