B250 3/3/2017

I had the opportunity today to note how I might improve the ad that I made in google adwords. We focused mainly on making it short, precise and to the point using keywords that reflect the product that we are selling. There was a fellow student who was trying to sell oil vials but instead kept on getting a number of clicks from people looking for essential oils, so it was interesting to see that example and learn from it. I have implemented key words in my ad for certain products that people may be looking for such as tents, hammocks, outdoor shoes, etc. so the person knows exactly what kind of website they are going to go into. It is interesting how ads play such a big role in the overall success of the selling of the product.

To be honest I had never really given much consideration to what a vital role the ad itself had. It should be very specific to fit the customers needs so that they will take interest in your website.



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