Web Page Layout

Process: I started out by looking at a variety of gun course websites to try and get a feel for what the majority were like and drew out this plan above following the model of the one that most appealed to me, namely the Rain6 which in part is why I opted to use their […]

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10A Movie Poster Project

Message/Audience: I was conveying this more towards those who love action thriller movies. The movie poster gives but a glimpse of the background story behind our character and everything he has to undergo. My audience would consist of people who love the slight mystery and action behind a lot of the newer movies that have […]

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LFC PhotographyActivity

Outdoor Light Indoor Light Foreground Background Rule of Thirds Lead Room The outdoor shot was difficult due to the extreme weather conditions and constant snowing. Impossible to get natural light when there is none to be had so I added a graduated filter to the background to give the sky a bluish hue. Indoor light […]

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Magazine Content and Sketches

Topic Selection  In my magazine project I will be creating a two page spread of an LDS magazine article. For my magazine story, I chose to write to an audience (Ensign) of LDS missionaries and those preparing to serve a mission to help them understand that the Lord has “[prepared] a way for them that […]

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